Research & Development - Our 2022 Retrospective

How our product progressed throughout 2022.

Joanna Power

8/2/20233 min read

As part of our journey, we've had to roll up our sleeves and dive into the nitty-gritty of designing and building physical prototypes. This involved some serious sud-slinging, but it was all worth it when we developed a working prototype that passed BSI wash tests with flying colours. We compared our wash quality to a commercial product, and came out sparkling clean.

Lylo is making waves in the laundry industry with our innovative new approach to washing clothes. Our hands-on hardware development process has been both challenging and rewarding, allowing us to create tangible products that impact people's lives.

a glass wall with notes on it
a glass wall with notes on it
a laptop computer sitting on a table with papers and papers
a laptop computer sitting on a table with papers and papers

Thanks to the Siemens SME Programme, we got to take a spin on their Solid Edge software and carry out CAE tests. It was a learning curve, but our team was able to press on and make some big splashes in the design process.

Over the summer, we had the pleasure of hosting two Brunel University students as part of the Brunel Summer Internship Programme. They were able to take a dip into early product development and learn how to use Solid Edge themselves. Seeing them soak up all the knowledge and make a splash was great.

We started working with the Manufacturing Technology Center (MTC) to develop a product pathway plan. This enabled us to create a solid journey from prototype to manufacture with an industry-leading expert. We dove in with our plan and gained a grant to work with the MTC to redesign the tank ready for user testing and accessibility. We continued working on our filtration system to ensure it could filter shower sulphates to a safe level by working with product designers experienced in household filtration.

Since then, we're happy to say we made quite a splash in the pool of grants, securing a £50,000 Grant from Innovate UK's Women in Innovation award to build our first unit ready for user testing!

We've always had a soft spot for consumer feedback throughout our journey. That's why we've done extensive market research to understand what our customers and users want in a laundry solution. We use this feedback to make informed decisions about our product design. As we wade into the next stage of product development, we're searching for more users to test our product and complete surveys to understand its impact. Please reach out if you have a lifestyle that would benefit from our product! We'd love to have you aboard.